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We realize you have other choices when it comes to fitness and we'd like to thank you for choosing our Preferred Fitness to explore your options for a healthier life. Preferred Fitness is dedicated to improving the lives of our members by providing a personalized atmosphere that is dedicated to introducing those new to fitness, the enthusiast, and the athlete to more efficient ways to exercise through innovative and appropriate health and fitness initiatives. Sharing our philosophy of fitness and utilizing functional strength and performance style training, scalable to any individual’s capabilities, to maintain a healthy active lifestyle and live a better quality of life.

We offer a variety of choices for your fitness goals. We offer the latest functional strength training equipment, a large free weight area, tons of cardio machines, circuit training, personal training, group training, nutrition, group exercise all in a clean motivating environment. We believe we have the best club in the area with the most attentive and knowledgeable staff, great members, equipment & attitude that sets us apart from all other fitness businesses, and a club that is truly a clean and comfortable place to workout. Please browse our website to learn more, and get started with a no-risk trial membership today!


Competitive Edge, our previous Personal Training business, has been able to serve and make a positive impact on many lives in a one-on-one personal training environment. We wanted to create an environment that would have a broader impact on more people in the community so we decided to open a health club. Preferred Fitness was created. We believe and understand there is a better way to offer a fitness experience to the community. We will be the first truly lifestyle enhancement focused fitness center in the area!

We feel that there has been too much focus on the big box gyms with overcrowding, bad customer service, broken equipment, and a dirty filthy environment. At Preferred Fitness, we focus on a member who want to invest the time to make changes and appreciates quality and excellence in their life.

Preferred Fitness is solution based and wants to know what is the single most reason you are here. Preferred Fitness is a family owned business, providing our members with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, combined with first class service, quality personal trainers, training programs, and educational programs. We strive to create a truly friendly facility that will be spacious, enjoyable, uplifting, comfortable, clean environment and an invigorating place to exercise and train. We promise to bring the newest ideas, exercises and information in the fitness industry to our members first. We want Preferred Fitness to be your health and fitness resource! We feel we can stand up to this test and we invite you to see what we are really all about!!

If you have shopped other businesses in the area you know why we truly call ourselves Preferred Fitness. To us, there are no excuses for poor service or unclean facilities. If you appreciate a quality facility and excellent customer service, then we're the club for you. our pricing will make you happy and you will get the most out of your fitness experience.

Thank you for your trust and we look forward to serving you as a member.

Yours in fitness,

Ed and Laura