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Update Your Favorite Exercises

July 7, 2018 by

We all have our favorite exercises. Some make us feel stronger, make us sweat, or just get us to feel the burn. No matter what the reason may be, you probably prefer some exercises over others.
However, it may be time to update your list of favorites.

Here is a list of possible new exercises that range from lung busters to strength holds. Some of the exercises will build muscle and others will increase your mobility. Here are some exercises that you should incorporate into your routine to add some variation to your workouts.

Goblet Squat

Hold a kettlebell or dumbbell at chest level, close to your body. This is a muscle-building and a corrective exercise. The deep squat will help increase your range of motion and the weight will make the squat more challenging.

Once you?re at the bottom of your squat, push your knees apart with your elbows. This will help you move as far down as possible into the squat position.

To do this, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold your dumbbell or kettlebell vertically with both hands next to your chest. Point your elbows toward the floor and lower your body down as far as possible. Your elbows should be able to touch the insides of your thighs to gently press out your knees. Stop in this position and then slowly lift yourself back up.

Sled Push

This total-body exercise allows you to focus on your entire body without putting excess weight on your spine. You can do this exercise with or without extra weights.

Leaning forward, grab the posts of the sled so your body is in a diagonal line with the floor. Engage your core, and while keeping your back straight, lift one knee up and take a step. Continue doing this and with each step make sure you maintain a straight line from head to toe.

Forearm to Instep

Our sedentary lifestyles have caused the muscles in our hips to get tight. Having inflexible hip flexors limit your mobility when doing squats and lunges, which can put you at an increased risk for back injury.

This stretch will open up your hips and loosen up those muscles. This is a good stretch to do prior to doing a lower-body workout.

Get into a lunge position. Place your left elbow on the inside of your left foot with your knee off of the floor. Stay in this position for a moment and then put your right hand on the floor to get your balance and then put your left hand next to the outside of your left foot. Push your hips up toward the ceiling and lift your left toes toward your shin to get a good hamstring stretch. Repeat this on the other side.

Barbell Bent-Over Row

It is important to correct the poor posture you get into while doing your everyday work. Doing chest exercises will exaggerate bad posture because they pull your shoulders forward.

However, back exercises help you lean your shoulders back. Performing a move like the barbell bent-over row will add muscle to both your upper back and your back shoulders. This will help you to stand up straight and to lift more weight when you are doing upper body training.

Hold a barbell with an overhand grip just beyond shoulder width and at arm?s length. Bend forward to lower your torso until it?s close to being parallel to the floor. Pull the bar to your upper torso and hold for a moment before you slowly lower the bar back to your original position.

Dumbbell Split Squat

When you are training both sides of your body at the same time, your dominant side will usually to take over, which can worsen strength imbalances. This will make your stronger side get stronger and your weaker side get weaker.

Doing a split squat can help you strengthen your non-dominant side to help catch up. When your entire body is equal in terms of strength, you will be able to squat more weight.

Hold your dumbbells at arm?s length by your sides with your palms facing in. While standing in a staggered stance, slowly lower your body as much as possible. Take a moment and then push yourself back up to your original position. Complete the same number of reps on both sides.

Hopefully you will find these exercises to be new and enjoyable. Add a few of them into your workout routine and see how it goes before adding the rest. You may find that you have an entire new routine soon that you love!

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