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Benefits of Eating Organic Food

March 5, 2019 by

The main reason that people choose to eat organic food is to avoid consuming foods that have been exposed to pesticides. These chemicals threaten the environment and pose a risk to our health.

Glyphosate, which is the active ingredient in many herbicides, is known to be the most widely used chemical in history in agriculture and because it has been identified as being a human carcinogen.

Studies have shown that this herbicide increases one’s risk for developing non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which is a group of blood cancers, by 41% in people who are highly exposed to it. According to the research team, there is certainly a “compelling link” between non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and exposure to glyphosate.

Evidence has also shown that the EPA has attempted to protect the herbicide company’s interests by manipulating the results and preventing key investigations from happening regarding glyphosate’s potential to cause cancer.

However, out of the six studies that have recently been done to link this herbicide with this particular cancer, five of them showed a positive relationship between the two factors. Only one of the studies, which is known as the 2018 Agricultural Health Study, found no effect.

However, in the study that did not show a link, the research team notes that the results may have been influenced because the people in the study had low exposure to the chemical. It is only when studying highly-exposed people where you see a clear link between the two factors.

Scientists believes that glyphosate is a harmful carcinogen, which is not good news for Bayer, the company who owns the herbicides that contain this chemical. There are currently 9,000 lawsuits that are active against Bayer that blame exposure to Roundup for their diagnosis of NHL. However, the manufacturing company is relying on the AHS’s findings that do not show a correlation between the factors.

But, when using the highest exposure groups available in each study, the overall meta-relative risk of developing NHL in people who have been exposed to this chemical is increased by 41%.

Available animal and other studies that also showed evidence for the cancer-causing potential of show the presence of malignant lymphoma in mice who have been treated with pure glyphosate, as well as possible links between exposure to GBH and a decreased immune system, endocrine disruption, and genetic changes that have been linked with NHL.

So, how much of this chemical do you have in your body? Home testing kits have been developed for water and urine. If you find that your levels are high, you may want to look at your diet and consider choosing organic produce. You might also want to put your body through some kind of detoxification to start to repair the damage that has been done to your gastrointestinal system through the exposure to glyphosate and other agrochemicals. There is a good chance that if you find your levels of glyphosate are high, then other levels of pesticides in your body are also high.

Eating fermented foods such as kimchi is a good way to chelate these toxins from your body. It is also a good idea to take activated charcoal after eating non-organic produce to help bind harmful chemicals together and help your body get rid of them. It is also important to always stay well-hydrated so your body can easily remove the toxins that you ingest.

Glycine is also a good way to force glyphosate out of your body because it allows you to eliminate this chemical through your urine. You can also eliminate harmful toxins through sweat, which can be increased through the use of a sauna.

But, the best thing to do is avoid eating these toxins in the first place. Do this by choosing organic produce when you are food shopping. This is especially true if you eat the skin on the product– so for things such as tomatoes, strawberries, and peppers. If you want to pick and choose which fruits and vegetables are ok to eat non-organically, consider bananas, mangoes, and other fruits and vegetables that you peel off the skin before eating because these will have less exposure to harmful chemicals such as glyphosate. Studies have often supported eating organic foods to improve your health, and it is an easy way to avoid becoming sick in the future.

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