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What to Look for in a First Date Bar

March 9, 2019 by

A recent study done by found that 79% of women prioritize feeling comfortable on a first date. This includes being comfortable with the venue of the date. Seeing as there is so much information online about bars and restaurants, there is no excuse for picking a bad first date bar. Consider the following criteria when looking for a place to make a good first impression:

The Wait

If you are looking to go somewhere so popular that you will be facing a half-hour wait, you may want to reconsider. Having a wait is acceptable on subsequent dates once you’re past the awkward first encounter, but you don’t want to start getting to know your date while you’re standing around for thirty minutes trying not to block the door.

Noise Level

Another thing about the hot new place is that because there will be a lot of people there, you might not even be able to hear each other. You don’t want to go somewhere that is completely dead and silent, but you also don’t want to constantly be asking your date to repeat themselves.


Don’t allow your first date to end because one of you starts getting hungry at the bar. After having a drink or two, you probably will want to put something on your stomach to avoid starting to nod off. You don’t need to go to the extreme of suggesting a restaurant for a first date because this adds an element of pressure, but you should make sure that your bar of choice serves food. Light bites or small plates are ideal.

Types of Drinks Offered

Sure, some dive bars can be romantic, but most women don?t think about cheap beer when they envision a nice date. In fact, many women don’t think of beer in general as an ideal beverage for a first date. Pick a bar that at least has some kinds of wine offerings.


If a bar has a TV for entertainment, it will be hard to focus on the person you are with. Also, your date might catch you eyeing the score on the TV instead of listening to her while she talks. TVs are too distracting to have around on first dates.

Also, think about if the bar is going to have karaoke or some other form of entertainment such as trivia or open mic night. This can also add a huge distraction to your date.

Form of Payment

If you end up going to a cash-only bar, and the closest ATM is several blocks away, how awkward is it when it is time to pay? A lot of people don’t carry cash around with them, so if she is expecting you to pay or she wants you to split the bill, you need to be prepared for that. Don’t get stuck running around trying to find an ATM while your date waits at the bar for another ten minutes, wondering if you are even going to come back. Check ahead to make sure you aren’t choosing a place that only accepts cash, and if you are, then bring more cash than you expect to use, just in case.

You don’t want the location of your first date to be the first deal breaker in the relationship because it is too distracting or awkward in some way to get to know each other. Pick somewhere that is calm and quiet where you can focus on getting to know each other while enjoying some nice drinking and light food. And if you prefer going to loud places where the beer is flowing and people are yelling, the two of you can figure out that you have that in common and plan that for subsequent dates.

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