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How to Burn Fat with Rowing Exercises

April 2, 2019 by

The rowing has become increasingly popular throughout the years. Partially due to the popularity of CrossFit, rowing has gained some momentum and boutique rowing studios are even beginning to pop up.

This total-body workout puts most of the muscles in your body to use without putting the impact on your muscles and joints that some other exercises do. This means that rowing burns fat while giving you a good amount of cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance.

Compared to other full-body sports like swimming, rowing will help you build more body strength and power. Rowers are usually more muscular than other athletes, especially in their backs, shoulders, and arms. A powerful row stroke can be compared to a kettlebell swing because it requires you to engage your core muscles and the power from your legs goes to your arms.

Rowing is a strength movement that is basically a blend of a deadlift and a barbell row, which is a great combination for everyone because it targets all the muscles in your body that start to atrophy with excessive sitting.

Rowing is also an easy form of exercise to plug into any workout because you can get a lot of benefits from just a short rowing workout, and you can mix it with other exercises like kettlebell swings or anything else to create a well-rounded, full-body exercise routine. Here are some great workouts that incorporate rowing.

2,000 Meter Workout

Set your machine for 2,000 meters and set your timer. Start rowing with some power, which will encourage you to finish the workout quickly. This will help you avoid hollow rocks, however, the hollow rocks that you end up doing will be done with more aggression than usual.

The hollow rocks are a good variation to the rowing work. When you row, you extend at your hips, but when you do hollow rocks you are more in control of your hip extension. The mixture of moves will give you a well-rounded workout.

So, set your rower and your timer. At the start of every minute, jump off of your rowing machine and do a weighted hollow rock ladder. For your first set of hollow rocks, do 5. The next time, do 6, and so on. Try to finish this workout in 15-20 minutes.

Row + Burpee Workout

This rowing exercise will help you stay with your pace, because if you don’t, you are penalized with doing burpees.

Start by doing 5 500-meter rows. Your goal is to finish each row in 1:40. Take 5 minutes to rest in between each round of rowing. If you complete your 500 rows in under 1:40, you can take that time for more rest. However, if it takes you longer than 1:40, take the number of seconds you’re over and do that many burpees.

Grab a Partner

Find a partner and a single rower for this sequence. The good thing about this workout is the rest period. If you and your partner are evenly matched, you will rest for about as long as you row, which will give your body enough time to recover. This means you can exert yourself at each distance, working as hard as you can.

The rules are easy for this– you and a partner work a descending ladder of row work, giving each other a rest period. Start with rowing 500 meters, then switch with your partner and have them row 500 meters. Next, get back on the rower and row 400 meters and then let your partner do the same. Follow this with 300, 200, and 100.

Calorie Count

This workout starts slow, but ends quickly. This means that the workout has a warm up built into it.

Begin by setting your rower to measure 1-minute intervals. With this exercise, you want to burn the required amount of calories before each minute finishes. Your goal for the first minute is 5 calories, then you can rest until the next minute begins. The next minute, row until you hit 6 calories, then rest until the next minute begins. Aim to finish as many rounds as you can. The workout is finished when you can’t complete the required amount of calories in one minute.

All of these rowing exercise help dissolve fat and will give you an effective and quick workout. Try them next time you are at the gym to find which works best for you.

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