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EMOM Workouts

April 3, 2019 by

There are a lot of acronyms when it comes to exercise, but have you heard of EMOM?

This is a new popular form of cardio training that involves beginning an exercise “Every Minute On the Minute.” This interval workout gives you a fun way to mix up your typical exercise routine, and it will help motivate you to keep moving through your workout.

To start this workout, choose a number of reps that you want to hit, and start your exercise at the top of a minute. Do the exercise until you complete your reps and rest until the minute is complete. Once the next minute starts, start over.

For example, you may do 5 burpees in the first minute. If you complete this in 40 seconds, you have 20 seconds to rest before starting again. This means your rest is incorporated into your workout.

It is important to use as much energy as you can when you are actively exercising and then allowing yourself to use the full recovery time to rest. This is efficient and fun. There are a few others benefits to EMOM workouts.

Track Your Progress

Keep a record of the movements you are doing and how many of them you complete within a minute, as well as how much time you had left in the minute when you were finished doing your reps. This way, you can compare your progress week to week.

You can also keep a record of your weights. If you’re doing your EMOM workout based on time instead of number of reps, say you work for 30 seconds then rest for 30 seconds, you can record the amount of weight you lifted in your 30-second push.

Focus on Form

By giving yourself the recovery period at the end of each minute, you are allowing yourself time to reset your body and prepare for the next minute. This break allows you to work with better quality moves instead of pushing out rep after rep for long periods of time while your form is suffering. If you start to see errors in your form, reduce your rep count or make sure you give yourself at least 15 seconds between reps to catch your breath.

Beat Boredom

Repeating a workout over and over quickly becomes boring. It is important to switch up your routines so you can stay challenged. Even if you incorporate exercises into your EMOM that you’ve done plenty of times before, this routine will still add a new routine and an exciting way to work on your fitness. You can use this exercise structure to mix up both your cardio and strength workouts as long as you choose exercises that are in line with your goals.

There are a lot of ways that you can incorporate EMOMs into your workouts. Pick just one tough move, like a burpee or a squat, and try to complete a certain number of reps in a minute. Or you can try to do different moves starting on even and odd minutes.

Some even choose to do their EMOMs for several minutes. So, instead of restarting your workout every minute, you can do a few different exercises without resting every fourth minute. This will help you incorporate several moves at one time and then you can rest towards the end of your four minutes.

Many people prefer to do this type of HIIT exercise because it is efficient and rarely boring. There are a lot of ways you can incorporate EMOMs into your regular workout, it just depends on your goals and your favorite methods of exercising. The good thing is, you can switch it up every day if you want, so if one routine doesn’t work for you, you can try another.

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