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What Exactly Can Your Glutes Do For You?

September 3, 2019 by

Do you ever experience back pain without having a clear reason as to why it is happening? While a variety of things can lead to back pain, one common cause in America’s sedentary culture is “glute amnesia.” This happens when your butt muscles become weak because you don’t use them all day when you’re sitting in front of a computer. However, you glutes are your largest, most metabolically active muscles, so it is critical to keep this set of muscles active.

Regardless of your daily activities, it is important to have good glute strength to support your endurance and prevent pain. Once you start working out this muscle group and paying more attention to it, your back pain may go away.

Additionally, there are other positive effects that occur when you work out your glutes. You will increase your flexibility, improve your posture, and increase your muscle mass. This will help increase the ease at which you do any activity. Here, we will cover some other benefits of keeping your glutes in shape.

Prevent Injury

Your glutes consist of three different muscles that attach your midsection to your legs at a variety of points, such as your sacrum, pelvis, and thigh bones. Aside from helping you hold your torso upright, your glutes also help you move your legs and thighs in every direction.

They make it possible for you to walk in a supine position and move your hips in every direction. However, if your glutes are weak, it puts undue stress on your lower back and your legs, which increases the chance of getting injured due to a strain.

Increase Your Horsepower

Having strong glutes is a critical component to doing any exercise that requires strength and speed. Your glutes work to powers you forward and help you use force from other muscles to increase your strength and speed even more. Exercising with underdeveloped glutes is similar to trying to run your car with a very small engine.

No matter how you’re exercising your glutes, it is a key part of being able to perform the explosive push-off strength that originates at your hips. Having this extra strength can increase your endurance for a run or even for everyday activities that require you to use your leg muscles.

Supplement Your Training

People often assume that their glutes are automatically staying in shape due to their other forms of exercise. However, to improve your strength and prevent injury, it is important to train your glutes directly. Even if you add small movements to your exercise routine, your performance abilities can really grow. And, because your glutes are the largest muscle group in your body, exercising them can burn major calories. Here are some ways that your glutes help you do everyday activities:


When you bend forward and hinge at your hips, the muscles around your hamstrings and glutes become activated and stretch, which creates tension that can build up power.


When you then move your hips forward, it draws on the tension you created with your hinge and frees up energy, which begins a chain reaction that straightens and lengthens your hips. When you’re at the upper part of your extension, thrust your hips forward as much as possible in order to lock out your hips and activate your glutes even more.

If you want to reduce lower back pain, increase your overall strength, and create a very powerful core, make sure to focus on your glutes when you are doing strength training. Too often is this major muscle group ignored, which leads to adverse physical symptoms that you my be left wondering why the are happening. Your glutes play a large part in your everyday activities to make sure to strengthen them as you would with any other muscle group.

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