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Why Preferred Fitness One on One Personal Training?

There is so much to teach about the human body! Unfortunately, that is the very reason why it becomes so confusing and difficult to achieve your fitness goals alone. Preferred Fitness Personal Training is a terrific way to improve the success of your fitness goals and enhance your results.

Our nationally certified staff of energetic, friendly and enthusiastic trainers will strive to make your workouts fun and productive and will work with you to accomplish your goals by providing innovative personal training sessions in a one-on-one setting all of the latest trends and equipment. Preferred Fitness is a specially designed space and experience that promotes wellness, healthy living and sustainability. We pride ourselves on delivering an extraordinary experience to our customers through personal service, goal oriented focus, state of the art equipment and top trainers.

Our goal is to fulfill your wellness needs in a comfortable, hospitable, embracing and challenging environment that you will come back to again and again. Our training environment will motivate you to achieve goals that our qualified staff helps you to set and track. It’s that easy, that comfortable and very exciting. We also offer an equipment orientation and complete complimentary fitness assessment which will help us to better prescribe an exercise regimen for you.

We have a few options to enjoy your one on one personal training experience.

ONE-ON-ONE TRAINING is a sixty minute supervised workout where our trainers will monitor your every move to ensure that you're doing exercises correctly and getting the best workout possible. We will encourage you to push yourself in a fun, friendly manner and will help you modify movements should you have any injuries.

ONE-ON-ONE 'EXPRESS' TRAINING (30 Min) is the perfect solution for those clients who have limited time in the day to work out but still want to see results and keep fit. With the 30 minute workout, we pack both strength training and cardio into an intense but enjoyable workout so you'll feel like you've pushed yourself and at the same time keep your busy day on track.

Come visit us today. We will do everything in our power to provide you with an exceptional experience.

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