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What is S.P.I.C.E.?

S.P.I.C.E. stands for Supervised Personal Introduction to Custom Exercise. It is the beginning and foundation for developing a safe and effective exercise program, customized to the individual, offering the best way to establish an exercise success plan for the least amount of cost. SPICE is not equipment orientation or personal training. These are separate elements that may or may not be needed in an exercise program based on the habits, knowledge level and needs of the individual. What SPICE offers is the PLAN. SPICE is:

  • Acquainting: The initial SPICE meeting is an interview session to determine the physical condition, mental outlook and individual’s knowledge level of exercise. This meeting is also where goals, frequency of exercise and other aspects of a successful exercise plan are determined.
  • Assessing: At the initial meeting, a series of tests will be conducted to determine the current condition of the client. These will include weigh-in, measurements, and range of motion, flexibility and others.
  • Advising: A plan is established that is tailored to the individual needs of the client. A free, basic diet plan is reviewed, individual habits are discussed and alternatives or modifications of bad habits are put in place. Exercise times, goals and options are established. A basic exercise plan is put on paper for the client to follow and the client is then equipped to begin.
  • Accountability: After the initial consultation, there are 3 follow up sessions with the personal trainer. They are pre-set at 4 weeks, 8 weeks and 10 weeks. These purposes of these sessions are to make any necessary adjustments to the exercise plan to insure efficiency and effectiveness. They also hold the client accountable to adhere to the plan and maximize its success.
  • Achievement: The time spent to customize a program, acquaint a client with a basic understanding of dietary knowledge and the pre-set monitoring meetings establish the best way of reaching goals. The success of SPICE has been excellent and we are proud of all our clients and the achievements they have experienced.

SPICE is a personal, affordable success plan for exercise. It is beneficial to the beginner or advanced client and we encourage everyone to participate.

Supervised Personal Introduction to Custom Exercise


This program is conducted, supervised and designed specifically for each individual by a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer.

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