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The best part of working out is the relaxing moments afterwards, when you have a chance to enjoy a few minutes of the day just for yourself. Our Fit Blendz Juice Bar provides the best tasting, nutritionally sound shakes on the market. We understand the members want the best tasting and highest quality ingredients available. What makes our shakes so good is that our recipes uses real fruit puree with no corn syrup or added sugars. And, because we know members have different goals we had developed recipes to meet those goals.

Fruit Smoothies - Freshly frozen friut blended to perfection with all natural fruit juice and a touch of ice cream or fat free yogurt.

Power Shakes - The ultimate meal replacement!! A low calorie, high nutrient blend with 100% of your daily vitamins and minerals. Designed specifically to feed muscle and starve fat.

Muscle Builders - This is a high-calorie, high nutrient shake LOADED with muscle-fueling carbs and whey protein. The muscle builder is formulated specifically to feed exhausted muscle tissue and pack on quality lean body mass.

Fat Burners - Looking to burn fat? This is our power shake teamed up with the most effective and safe " Fat Stack" ever. Pyruvate and Chromium Picolinate will spare blood sugar and metabolize fat even while you’re at rest.

Energizers - Power Shake with a pep!! This is the ultimate meal replacement blend with the most cutting-edge, herbal-energizing, supplement available. Perfect for breakfast or pre workout.

Pure Protein - A whopping 70 grams of ion exchanged whey protein. This is high protein, low carb, prescription. At 47% carb calories it is ideal for a low carb meal replacement and the most protein ever seen in a smoothie.

Rich Chocolate * Creamy Vanilla * Ultimate Orange * Strawberry * Wild berry * Mango * Banana * Raspberry * Peach * Pina Colada * or any combination of flavors!!

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